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Lost Your Get-Up-and-Go?

Most people have experienced low energy or fatigue at some point in their lives.

After juggling home, work and family life, it’s no wonder there is little energy left for yourself! Anyone can feel tired at the end of the day, but ongoing fatigue can sneak up on you and become your ‘new normal’.

Why Am I So Exhausted?

When you're feeling fatigued, it is important to consider whether you have the nutrients required for optimal energy. If your not providing your body with the nutrients it needs, it can be hard to jump out of bed feeling refreshed.

The energy powerhouses within your body are known as mitochondria, and are present in almost all of your cells. During a busy day, your mitochondria produce all of the energy you need, however, producing energy relies on a steady stream of nutrients. If your mitochondria do not receive adequate nutrition, they cannot perform at their best!

Want To Be Bursting With Energy?

Energising yourself means creating a diet and lifestyle that supports your energy stores:

  • Eat delicious and balanced meals with ingredients rich in unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates, protein and fat; the primary macronutrients for energy production.

  • Eating a nutrient-rich breakfast within an hour of waking not only kick-starts your metabolism and energy production, it sets your appetite aright for the entire day.

  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, which can ultimately drain your energy and deplete vitalising nutrients including your B vitamins.

  • Sleep for seven to nine hours each night.

  • De-Stress by spending time in nature, meditating and having fun!

  • Oxygenate! When feeling very fatigued, go for a regular walk, swim or yoga class which will be beneficial for your energy levels then staying sedentary.

  • Consider doing 2-3 detoxes per year that focus on removing stored compounds that interrupt energy production.

  • Choose your treats well, and mindfully enjoy them.

If you're struggling with fatigue and would like help improving your energy levels, I'd love to help!

Face-to-face and skype consults available.

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