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The longer we eat healthy foods, the better they taste

Just as we can develop a liking for salty, sugary and fatty foods, our tastebuds can also be trained to happily eat less of these less healthy foods. In October, an article published in Harvard University Health Letter sparked an interest in tastebud training. Several clinical trials followed proving that with changes in diet for just a couple of weeks, tastebuds physically change, altering our preferences along with them. A less fatty diet for example results in our tongues actually becoming more sensitive to fat and the owner of said tongue preferring less fatty foods. Same goes for salt. Trial participants tastes changed to the point where after only a few weeks, when given the opportunity to salt their own meals, they used up to half as much to achieve the same flavour. So what does this mean for you? After a very short time, you wont miss the unhealthy stuff and the longer you eat healthier foods, the better they taste.

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