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A cleanse is the ultimate in healthy indulgences!


It's the perfect excuse to take time out and focus on some self-love and care.

We do this by nourishing our bodies with healthy fresh seasonal real food. To this we add just the right amount of exercise, rest and sleep. It's also a time for learning and practicing stress management. 


I will also likely prescribe supplements personally tailored to correct any nutrient deficiencies and to support and encourage your body's natural detox capabilities.

Your body needs plenty of nutrients to effectively function which is why my cleanses are about abundance and not extreme juicing or deprivation.

Your next cleanse can be done with me either

   on-line with my 7-Day No Nonsense Cleanse,

   1:1 in clinic  or

   at our next Nourish& Flourish retreat.


Get in touch and we can discuss how best to

help you create and life and health you love.

Curious to know your toxic exposure and your detox capacity?


Take the Detox Questionnaire and I'll get back to you within 48 hours with your results and recommendations for next steps.

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