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7-Day No Nonsense Cleanse

designed for busy people

This no nonsense online 7-Day Cleanse has been designed with busy people in mind. It's for anyone looking to recalibrate and revitalise.


It's definitely for you if your body has been sending you signals that it needs some love and self-care.

Signs such as...

   feeling fatigued, moody and maybe even anxious

   suffering headaches, tummy aches and joint pain

   uncomfortable bloating and gas when you eat

   overwhelming cravings and feeling always hungry

This is the cleanse for everyone needing a no nonsense approach, regardless of whether this is your first ever cleanse, or if you are a seasoned detoxer.

This is your do-at-home version of the program I offer in my clinic and on our Nourish&Flourish retreats.


The program is yours forever, to rinse and repeat

whenever required.

For more information and to get started, please get in touch either via email or facebook message.

I look forward to working together.

Curious to know your toxic exposure and your detox capacity?


Take the Detox Questionnaire and I'll get back to you within 48 hours with your results and recommendations for next steps.

Your 7-Day no nonsense cleanse cost $187 and includes

   Questionnaires to determine your current health status 

   Diet diary to assess current dietary habits

   30 minute 1:1 skype consult with me

   Manual packed with no nonsense tips, ideas and information

   7 day meal plan with delicious and easy to make recipes

   Daily education and inspiration emails

You will also receive personalised supplement recommendations to support and help encourage your body's natural detox processes and maximise your cleanse efforts.

What to Expect

During this week-long cleanse, you will indulge in nourishing and delicious fresh, whole, real foods thereby crowding out all processed foods, gluten, sugar and alcohol.

If cooking is not your thing or if you want to cut some corners, I can recommend home delivery chefs who can help.


We will also be taking stock of life style habits and offer tips on how exercise, rest + relaxation and stress management helps accelerate the cleanse process.

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