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Well Woman Urban Retreats

Alexis Smith Nutrition Retreats
Well Woman Urban Retreat

Sick of feeling under par, overwhelmed, or just flat?

Want to live a healthy and energised life, 

but don't know where to start?


Join me for 8 weeks of healthy indulgence. 

Where we create a personalised diet and

healthy lifestyle that best suits you!

Why Retreat? Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, have commitments you just can’t shirk but not sure where you’ll find the energy to keep performing? You'd love to be eating healthy and enjoying regular exercise, but just don’t know where to start? Feel like your cup is half empty and long for that youthful connection to self and those around you? Do you find yourself constantly nurturing others before yourself? Or falling into old habits and patterns that keep you stuck with ill health, fatigue and extra body fat.

Can't Get Away? Leaving to spend a week on retreat is not always possible nor desirable. Taking time off work and spending precious holidays away from family and friends may not be your idea of fun. So, we decided to bring you all the benefits of retreat, to the city! In the convenient comfort of Barangaroo, we will show you how to cut through the endless, and often contradictory, nutritional advice and learn how to create a diet and healthy lifestyle that best suits you.

Learn simple hacks to feeling well nourished and energised.  We invite you to healthily indulge yourself for 2 months over February and March, during which time we will learn how to easily and effortlessly;

  • improve sleep and energy so that you bounce out of bed every morning 

  • manage life’s inevitable stress

  • learn to gently and effectively detox for improved energy and weight loss

  • feel happier and healthier all day long

  • achieve a calmer and more focused mind

  • find freedom from yo-yo dieting

  • change self-sabotaging habits without relying on willpower alone

What You Will Learn

Week One Food Foundations

Based on your personal goals and eating preferences, learn how to create meals and choose snacks to provide the right nutrients in healthy portions.

Week Two Food Quality

Most illness is due to a combination of toxins and nutritional deficiencies. Learn how low food quality may be stopping you from achieving your health and weight goals.

Week Three Ins & Outs of Toxins

If you eat, breath and drink water, chances are your toxin levels are on the rise and could be the root cause of your fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, hormone imbalances and even anxiety. This week, we offer practical and simple ways to reduce your toxic exposure.

Week Four The Harmony of Hormones

Our hormones work much like an orchestra. When one is out of balance, the whole of you can feel out of tune. Learn how to tweak diet and lifestyle to create a more harmonious life.

Week Five Circadian Rhythms….timing is everything

This week we discover how sleeping, waking, eating and exercising at the right time of day can have untold beneficial effects on energy, hormones, digestion, our ability to handle stress and even improve anxiety and depression.

Week Six Stress in the House

Learn how personal habitual responses to stress drive behaviours and effect our stress resilience.

Week Seven Purpose and Self-Care Is Your New Priority

Now that you are feeling lighter, brighter and more in control of your life, what are you going to do with what is essentially a new found freedom?! We talk about self-care, self-sabotage and setting a new path to your greater purpose.

Week Eight Time to Celebrate!

You feel light, bright and energised! You now have the knowledge, practices and habits to live effortlessly healthy!

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