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“If we could give every individual the right amount of
nourishment and exercise,
- not too little and not too much -
we would have found the safest way to health.”  - Hippocrates
Alexis Smith Nutrition | Sydney CBD | Barangaroo

Diet is the most influential and easily implemented lifestyle change you can make for improving your health. True health is a sense of wellbeing that is reflected in how we feel and how we look. It's vibrant, sustained energy and calm mental clarity. It's the feeling you get when digestion is smooth, mood is balanced, immune system is fully functioning, skin is clear and eyes are bright. A properly nourished body and mind is the secret to a life well lived.


Plants form the basis of our original medicine and have been the foundation for treatments throughout history. 

Herbal medicine is a valid, safe and effective system that combines the art and science of medicine to help support the body's natural healing processes, provide micronutrients and correct imbalances.

habit change

Often we know what to do when it comes to food and lifestyle choices but sometimes we find our habits don't aligned with our goals. A combination of the right advice, backed by reliable science, offered at the right time is coupled with encouragement support and accountability. Coaching will be an integral part of any programme and consultation.


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Nutrition & Coaching

A well nourished body and mind is capable of not only living well, but flourishing. 

Start working with me by booking an appointment or a complimentary 20 minute planning session - it's a chance for you to learn how I work, and to discuss how best to move forward.

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